The 2017 Academy Awards, Predicted Today

The 89th Academy Awards service will be hung on February 26, 2017 at the Dolby Theater and will be facilitated by long-lasting ABC late night host of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! appear, Jimmy Kimmel.

The hurricane ride that was the 2016 Academy Awards has been finished, and with the victors resting and their kindred chosen people drafting their best course of action, we can put the realistic honors season to rest. Obviously, we here at Cinema Blend are continually looking to the future, and in that capacity we’ve turned our gem ball to one year from now’s function. With a changing level of assurance, and a decent load of salt, we’d jump at the chance to display our picks for 2017’s Academy Award chosen people in six noteworthy classifications.

Academy Awards

Best Picture


Deepwater Horizon


The Light Between Oceans

The Birth Of A Nation

Fantasy world

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

The Founder


From our end, 2017’s Best Picture edit hopes to be loaded with the standard adjustments and social critique pictures. Movies like Deepwater Horizon, Snowden, The Light Between Oceans, and Sully all appear like pre-customized shoo-ins, with La Land and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk filling in as the marginally crackpot pictures that offset the pack. In any case, there are three movies that truly energize us with regards to one year from now’s best picture race: the science fiction sentiment picture Passengers, Nate Parker The Birth of A Nation, and the biopic on McDonald’s maker Ray Kroc, The Founder. With the buzz and topic encompassing each of the three, these appear to be the most energizing prospects in a line-up of the typical suspects.

Best Director

Derek Cianfrance – The Light Between Oceans

Clint Eastwood – Sully

Nate Parker – The Birth Of A Nation

John Lee Hancock – The Founder

Jodie Foster – Money Monster

In our eyes, 2017 could be just about a completely crisp slate of Best Director chosen people, as everything except one of our picks has been selected for the Best Director trophy some time recently. Clint Eastwood’s Sully appears on track to win him yet another brilliant gesture, while two time champ/four time chosen one Jodie Foster may acquire her first directorial stripe with the monetary thriller Money Monster. In the mean time, the new faces of Derek Cianfrance, John Lee Hancock, and Nate Parker may end up turning out to be first year chosen people, with a unique concentration being put on Parker, all on account of the amazing appearing of The Birth of A Nation at the current year’s Sundance Film Festival. 89th Academy Awards

Best Actor

Tom Hanks – Sully

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Snowden

Michael Fassbender – The Light Between Oceans

Michael Keaton – The Founder

Nate Parker – The Birth Of A Nation

Nate Parker debilitates to be a various candidate in 2017’s Oscar line-up, as he not just coordinated, composed, and created The Birth of a Nation, but on the other hand he’s featuring in it. Truth be told, he and Joseph Gordon-Levitt both have pariah status in the event that they end up in the running for Best Actor, as past chosen people Michael Keaton and Michael Fassbender, and past victor Tom Hanks, all appear to be in a comparable situation. Academy Awards 2017 Which implies that from the looks of it, there is no certain leader in the race to see who winds up intersection the brilliant complete line, making this a race to pay special mind to.

Best Actress

Alicia Vikander – The Light Between Oceans

Marion Cotillard – Untitled Robert Zemeckis WWII Romance

Jennifer Lawrence – Passengers

Meryl Streep – Florence Foster Jenkins

Laura Linney – Sully

After Alicia Vikander’s win for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl, it’s protected to state that the race for Best Actress is presently theoretically an opposition among prepared veterans. Among the individuals who might provoke her first offer as Best Actress would be past champs Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, and, obviously, the legend herself – Meryl Streep. Despite the fact that don’t be shocked if three time chosen one Laura Linney winds up bringing home a long past due Oscar for Best Actress, as The Academy loves to share the riches, and additionally respect its top choices after various selections.

Best Supporting Actor

Patrick Stewart – Green Room

Aaron Eckhart – Sully

Steve Martin – Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Jared Leto – Suicide Squad

Kurt Russell – Deepwater Horizon

Presently here’s the place the race gets intriguing, as the Best Supporting classes have dependably been known to convey a few deviants in their middle. On the off chance that you have an out there execution in either a legitimate supporting part or a solid lead execution in a film that is still an unpredictable prospect in the Best Actor race, you as a rule go for the Best Supporting classification and retire until tomorrow. This is the thing that Jared Leto, past Best Supporting Actor victor for Dallas Buyer’s Club, could plot during the current year, as his Joker in Suicide Squad appears like a flawless hopeful. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t secure a win, as Aaron Eckhart may ride the conceivable influx of positive contemplations for Sully into his first gesture, and perhaps his first win.

Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Weisz – The Light Between Oceans

Shailene Woodley – Snowden

Bryce Dallas Howard – Pete’s Dragon

Emily Blunt – The Girl On The Train

Helen Mirren – Collateral Beauty

Similar principles apply for the Best Supporting Actress classification, and judging by the race we’ve assembled, we’d jump at the chance to think we have another reasonable leader in the preparatory keep running up to 2017. While The Girl On The Train and Snowden are both going to profit by the current buzz encompassing them, and both Pete’s Dragon and Collateral Beauty appear like outside possibilities, it’s Rachel Weisz’s execution in The Light Between Oceans that makes them think. As of now in the constrained material appeared in the film’s trailer, we think we see more brilliant prospects in Weisz’s future.

Obviously, a similar admonition that goes for the greater part of alternate classes goes for the Best Supporting Actress field: don’t cite us on it. There’s still a lot of space for amazements, discharge date shake ups, and inversions of fortune. Still, as in years past, we’ll have a fabulous time taking a gander at these forecasts once the genuine chosen people are declared next January. Until then, we say so long to the 88th Annual Academy Awards, and hi to the sapling that is the 89th Annual Academy Awards.

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